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INSTAVIEW provides an umbrella of security solutions extensive range of unique solutions as well as smart communication systems and accessories.

Smart home light/gate/door control baby’s and people as they grow older or as they have disabilities, while most want to remain at home even when they need help to manage their every day tasks.

INSTAVIEW Technology can help seniors to remain at home. using its years experience in home alarm systems as well as connected devices for smart home to provide solutions for detecting and preventing any risk , monitoring safety and improving quality of life.

With INSTAVIEW stand alone units that make sure your love one’s are safe

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Years Experience

Why choose us for your security projects?

More then 20 years or activity and thousands of projects in Israel and Overseas

Why Choose Us
Original Product

Free-standing cameras mounted on cranes and using solar technology and advanced communications systems with no need for electricity or internet infrastructure. The system is supported by an advanced app for visual monitoring at any given time and from anywhere in the world! With an option to receive mobile phone alerts in real time about what is happening.

Professional Expert

The Company provides assistance to a range of projects, from the raw plans stage to the project conclusion, with the option for friendly use of the world’s most advanced management and control systems. Instaview supplies the perfect frame for ongoing security, assistance and supervision Ai based image processing system

Live alerts

InstaView can give real time alerts on any treats (weapons/abnormal behavior /or if an employee doesn't wear a helmet )d security nd control interface for working directly with teams on the ground on building sites, agricultural fields, open areas and sport arenas security

24/7 Premium Support

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